El Nino Sourthern Oscillation (ENSO)

    The Value of ENSO Information: Consdideration of Uncertainty and Trade
Early draft of paper in Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics Vol. 25, no. 2 368-385(December): 2000.

    Agricultural Economic Effects of Shifts in ENSO Event Frequency and Strength
Early draft of paper in Climatic Change, 49, 147-159, 2001.

    ENSO Impacts on Regional Water Management: A Case Study of the Edwards Aquifer Region
Early draft of a paper to appear in water resources research.

    The Economic Consequences of ENSO Events for Agriculture in Climate Research , vol 13, 1999 pp 165-172.
No electronic copy available.

    "Value of Improved Long-Range Weather Information", early draft of paper in Contemporary Economic Policy, XIII, Number 3, 10-19, 1995.
No electronic copy available.

    The Value of Improved ENSO Prediction to U.S. Agriculture", early draft of paper in Climatic Change, 39, 47-60, 1998.
No electronic copy available.

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