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Associations:     AEA ,     AERE ,     AAEA
Departments of Ag, Applied & Res Economics
American Universities - phone book

General guidance for writing

Internet Detective - tutorial on using the Internet for research
Tricks to technical writing using Microsoft Word
Kwan Choi's guide, "How to Publish"

Tools for Writing (dictionaries and grammar guides)

Citation Guides for Electronic Documents (Lots of dictionaries) ,     Spanish ,     Real Academia Española
WWWebster Dictionary - Search screen
Roget's Thesaurus
Strunk, William. 1918. The Elements of Style.
Guide to Grammar and Writing
Common Errors in English
Dr. Grammar
Acronym Finder
Quotations collections from

Research and Reference Tools

THOMAS -- U.S. Congress on the Internet
FindLaw - law, lawyer, lawyers, legal
Scout Report Signpost - Home
Census Bureau's American FactFinder
The Code of Federal Regulations -- online article search of 300 popular magazines
Stat Planet -- make world maps really easily

Sites relating to the Environment & Environmental Economics

Pfaff and Stavins' Readings in Nat. Res & Environmental Econ.


AERE (Assoc. of Environmental and Resource Economists)
EARE (European Assoc. of Environmental and Resource Economists)
Resources for the Future (RFF)
Environment for Development initiative (EfD)
The Beijer Institute
World Resources Institute (WRI) Home Page
Worldwatch Institute
Earth Policy Institute
Reason Public Policy Institute - Environmental Program
NRDC:Natural Resources Defense Council
PERC: A Free Market Environmental Think Tank
AERE directory (local)
International Inst. for Sustainable Development
The Competitive Enterprise Institute - A libertarian envionmental think tank

Governmental Agencies

Texas Commission on Environmental Quality(TCEQ formerly TNRCC)
Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD)
Texas Water Development Board (TWDB)


U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) Homepage
EPA's National Center for Environmental Economics
Superfund - Risk Assessment Home Page
EPA Environmental Accounting Project Home Page
EPA's Acid Rain page
EPA: Oceans and Coastal Protection Home
EPA - Laws and Regulations
U.S. EPA Student Center
EPA funding - National Center for Environmental Research (NCER) Homepage

Global Warming

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
Global Warming Graphics
The Natural World: Climate
UN Convention on Climate Change - Kyoto Protocol
NOAA Paleo Global Warming Home
EPA Global Warming (including state-by-state and resource-specific impacts)
Global Warming (The Warming of the Earth) - The Woods Hole Research Center
GISS (Goddard Institute for Space Studies) Surface Air Temperature Analyses
Environmental Effects of Increased Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Publication - Althouse Web Site
Links to William H. Calvin, "The Great Climate Flip-flop," THE ATLANTIC MONTHLY, January 1998
Atul Kumar Jain - global warming stuff
Pew Center on Climate Change


IUCN's - The Economics of Biodiversity
Tour the Rainforest
The New York Times: Special Report on Biodiversity
Bibliography on the Economics of Biodiversity: - Polasky et al.

Tradable Permits

My Water Quality Trading Links
The Ecosystem Services Project - Australia
Tietenberg's bibliography on Tradable Permits
Using Market-based Instruments in the Developing World: The Case of Pollution Charges in Colombia
EPA WQ Trading
Pollution abating costs - a 1994 dept of commerce document (pdf)

Population issues

Population Reference Bureau
World Development Report - by the World Bank
Facing the Future - Population Information
6 billion Human Beings - an ecological footprint calculator


The Environmental Valuation Reference Inventory (EVRI) - a resource for benefits transfer
Ecosystem Valuation - an introductory website
Envalue - Database of Enviromental Valuation Studies (New South Wales EPA )
Wetlands and Economics: An Annotated Review of the Literature


Environmental Economics Education Station
Schnapf Environmental News Report
Annotated Bibliography on Transaction Costs
NPR opinion on chemical risks (6/27/00)
EPEQ-Economic Performance and Environmental Quality
World Energy Project Totals, World and Regional Summaries
Scorecard Home
Sustainable Development Time line
Second Nature: Education for Sustainability
Bibliography on the Conservation of Biological Diversity:
Global Network of Environmental Economists - GNEE
National Center for Environmental Decision-making Research - NCEDR Interactive
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service World Wide Web Site
Ecosystem Management Analysis Center
CNIE -- Committee for the National Institute for the Environment
ANWR - The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
Biodiversity and Conservation
REQUIEM - Jay Hanson's Pessimist Page
New Scientist Planet Science:Burn me
Environment: Issues and Resources - United States Information Agency
1996 National Air Quality and Emissions Trends Report
Epsilon - an electronic communication and publishing company
The Centre for Sustainable Design Homepage
Conservation Ecology - Main page
The Amazing Story of Kudzu
Register of ecological models
Subject Bibliographies in Environmental Ethics
Preliminary exams in environmental and resource economics
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service
Conservation Ecology
USDA Forest Service Home Page
Risk World
UNEP's Global Environment Outlook-1 - 1997
J. Kahn's book's home page
Purdue - Ag Economics Gerald E. Shively
Acid Rain Program's Home Page
Communications for a Sustainable Future
Sustainable Development/Economics
ERS Briefing Room: Agricultural Resources and EnvironmentaI Indicators
Superfund 20-Year Report: Home
Environmental Sustainability Index

Water-related sites

A site dedicated to the study of Transboundary Water Conflicts/
Brazos Valley Groundwater Conservation District
Online Training on the Clean Water Act from the EPA
The National Geographic Panel on Nonpoint pollution
Know your Watershed, a nice meta-site
Env. Law Institute's Wetland Mitigation Banking Study
South Central Texas Regional Water Planning Group's Homepage
San Antonio Water System Home Page
The World's Water - Water Conflict Chronology - Introduction
EPA's Surf Your Watershed
USGS report: The Quality of Our Nation's Waters
EPA's Clean Water Action Plan
The National Pesticide Loss Database
Hudson Bay Project - Geese in the Tundra
US Geological Survey's Water Use Home Page
USGS -- Water Resources News
ERS Report--Wetlands and Agriculture: Private Interests and Public Benefits
The Edwards Aquifer Home Page
Wetlands Laws, Regulations, Guidance
Texas Water Resources Institute (TWRI)

Fisheries stuff

National Marine Fisheries Service
MRFSS data home
NMFS Fishery Market News
Pelagic Fisheries Research Program Page
Fisheries Economics Publications and Literature
EDF Urges Nat'l Committee To Endorse Use Of Individual Fishing Quotas To Help The Environment And Fishing Communities
NMFS Fisheries Statistics & link to commercial database
Great Lakes Fishery Commission Home Page
Great Lakes Information Management Resource
The Effects of Overfishing on Marine Biodiversity
NOAA Directories including NMFS

Agricultural Sites

The Farm Bill
ERS Briefing Rooms - Updates on ERS research
1997 Census of Agriculture: Texas - County Highlights
ERS Report--International Agricultural Baseline Projections to 2007
Welcome to CARE(Ag Cost and Return Estimator)
USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS)
USDA Agency Reports Calendar 1998
Agricultural & Applied Economics: University of Wisconsin-Madison

Economics Resources

Meta Sites

Resources for Economists on the Internet
Inomics: Economics Jobs, Courses, Conferences and Papers
WebEc - Framed
AmosWorld - includes a nice glossary of economics terms
Deardorff's Glossary of International Economics
Dismal Scientist: Economic Analysis and Data for the World
Econlib's Concise Encyclopedia of Economics (CEE)
Econlib's Collection of Classic Books in Economics


World Bank Data
U.S. Government Printing Office: Economic Indicators
Bureau of Economic Analysis, a site with nice interfaces to access and download a wide range data. The site includes citation info for each series.

Online Journals & Books

Job Openings for Economists
Handbook of Econometrics, Menu Contents
Problems in Microecon Home Page
Chronicle of Higher Education - Jobs in Economics
Principles of Economics: A Hypermedia Text
Planning and Markets: A Wholly Electronic Journal
A good list of Environmental Journals from the American Society of International Law - Wildlife Interest Group
WebEc - The List of Economics Journals

Associations & Organizations

AgEcon Search: Research in Agricultural and Applied Economics
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)
Econometric Society Home Page
American Agricultural Economics Association (AAEA)

Basic Economics

The Official Paul Krugman Web Page
History of Economic Thought Home Page
A Journalist's Guide to Economic Terms

Math and Programming Sources

Great VB code: Calcolo Numerico
ALGLIB: Numerical libraries for C, C++, VBA
Maxima, an open-source Computer Algebra System
Really easy Kolmogorov-Smirnov test (KS-test) site
Weisstein's World of Mathematics - from Wolfram
ME:TaL -- Mathematics for Economics: enhancing Teaching and Learning
XY Algebra -- an algebra tutorial site
Macalester College Problem of the Week
Optimization Technology Center - A Great source for info on numerical optimization
AMPL - A Modeling Language for Mathematical Programming that can be used over the Internet
John Walkenbach's Excel spreadsheet page

Fortran guides and compilers

Numerical Recipes Home Page
NAG's Fortran 90
DIGITAL Fortran Home
SOL Optimization Software
Essential Lahey Fortran 90
IMSL Documentation
Fortran 90 for the Fortran 77 Programmer

Sites related to Economic dynamic and Numerical methods

Peter Thompson’s Lecture Notes on Dynamic Modeling
Applied Intertemporal Optimization by Klaus Wälde
John Rust's page on Computational Economics, focuses on Dynamics
Mario Miranda's Class - Computational Economic Dynamics
Judd's Numerical Methods in Economics homepage
UNIX Tutorial for Beginners
Agent-Based Computational Economics
A Bunch of Mathematical Java Applets
ARfit: Fitting Multivariate Autoregressive Models
The CRC Concise Encyclopedia of Mathematics
GAMS Home Page

Software related sites -- large listing of free fonts
Individual Software - makers of anytime
Search Engine Watch
Visual Basic Web Directory - vb resources for vb programmers
Batch file reference site
Batfiles - The DOS batch file programming handbook and tutorial
VNC - Virtual Network Computing from ORL
Jumbo! Download Network
ReviewBooth - THE Source for Hardware and Software Product Reviews
ZDNet Search
ZDNet Site Map
Microsoft FAQ's Search
Pegasus Mail        Blog

Web-authoring sites

Ten Good Deeds in Web Design (Alertbox Oct. 1999)
The HTML Goodies Home Page
The WDVL: JavaScript Tutorial for Programmers - "The Complete Resource for All Web Builders"
Zuberlinks, a Resource Guide to Links for Web Site Builders
ScriptSearch The Worlds Largest CGI Library
DomainNameBuyersGuide: Unbiased advice on choosing a Domain Name Registrar

Teaching & Learning

Team Based Learning - a site to catch plagiarism
Preparing Future Faculty
Tomorrow's Professor - All sorts of good info on surviving in academia
Richard Felder: Teaching Resources for Science and Engineering
Boyer Commission report on undergraduate education
Index of Learning Styles Questionnaire

Useful sites around A&M

Course Catalogue
SHI software sales
Registrar's page & exam schedule
Ag Econ Computer Support
Leave, benefits etc. single sign on
Course Evaluation System
Alpha Phi Omega - Associatiion that offers babysitting
TAMU Office of Research and Graduate Studies
Hazard Reduction & Recovery Center
FAEIS - Info on Ag programs
Ron's AgEc 350 Start Page
Texas A&M University Research Funding
Listserv(tm) at Texas A&M University
TAMU Student Rules
Laplink WebAccess
AgEco Computer Support Home Page
Super Computer User Guide
Texas A&M University - Department of Economics
Software Evaluation & Loan Library (SELL) Site licenses
GroupWise WebAccess

Library and Full-Text databases

Evans Library resources

Sterling C. Evans Libraries

Full text sources

WebEc - The List of Economics Journals - Framed
JSTOR Journals (AER,Econometrica, Jof AppEconometrics,JEconHist, JEconPersp,JPolEc,QJE, REStat)
Science Direct (JEEM; JPubE; JET; Eco Econ; Res&Energy Econ,;JEBO.; J or Econ Dyn&Cont;JPubEcon)
CatchWord - QJE, REStat, App. Econ., App. Econ. Letters, Soc&NatRes's,, J. Env. Plan.&Mgmt
CUP Journals Environ&Dev Econ, Macroeconomic Dynamics
ECONbase: EconLett's, JofEconometrics, JEBO, Jof Pub.Econ, Res&Energy Econ, World Development
Environmental & Resource Economics
Journal of Environmental Planning and Mgmt
Economics Bulletin
J. of Applied Econometrics
LEXIS®-NEXIS® Academic Universe Home Page


Web of Science - SSCI and other databases
Dissertations Abstracts - UMI

Recipes and Food Sites

Cooks Illustrated - My favorite food magazine     Send me an e-mail and I'll send you my index since issue #27
Fork 'n Knife (Carl Avery)
The Good Cook
King Arthur Flour
A Cook's Wares' Online Gourmet Cookware Catalog -- A large recipe collection


SPEC's Liquors Online's Wine and Food Pairing guide

My community

My bike routes around BCS
Bike routes around BCS
Brazos Valley Cyclists Maps
Brazos Valley Museum of Natural History
BCS dining guide
City of College Station
Shuttle service between College Station and Houston
College Station Soccer Club
College Station School District     Calendar
   A&M Consolidated High School
Bryan-College Station Libraries
St. Thomas Episcopal Church

Family and Parenting Stuff

Native American Geometry
Dr. Toy's Guide : Information on Toys and Much More
LEARN CPR - CPR information and training resource.
Zoom Dinosaurs - Enchanted Learning Software
Sesame Street

Death Penalty

Texas Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty - TCADP         Sign Up
Dallas Morning News - Death Penalty Blog
Death Penalty Information Center
The Texas Defender Service
The Moratorium Campaign
The Justice Project & the Liebman Study
People of Faith Against the Death Penalty (PFADP), a special project of the NC Council of Churches.
frontline: the execution
Our Row of Friends in Texas
Journey of hope, Murder Victim Families against the Death Penalty
Lamp of hope. Personal information about death row inmates
Texas dept of Criminal Justice - Death Row Page
The Clark County Prosecutor's Death Penalty Links
Killer Places in Texas - 4 Counties
Bruderhof movement's Death Penalty page
Pending executions - TDCJ
Pending executions - Rick Halperin's page
Texas Impact
National Coalition To Abolish the Death Penalty - NCADP
Texas Death Penalty Moratorium Initiative
moratorium now!
Texas Moratorium - Home
The Moratorium Campaign
United States of America: Death Penalty Iin Texas: Lethal Injustice
Texas and the Texas Criminal Justice Reform Coalition
CUADP: For Alternatives to the Death Penalty.

Politics and Government

Texas Legislature Online
Abbot & Costello's Who's on First

Assorted Fun and Useful Stuff

Animated Periodic Table
The Scribbler
A site that tells you your IP #
Park Tools' Bike Repair help
A printable ruler
Harvard at Home -- Lectures from Harvard luminaries
A site that gives the etymology of many first names
Quackwatch Home Page
Stain Removal Guide
Home Improvement, Gardening, Decorating, Sewing, and Money Saving Information - HouseNet.Com
StudentUniverse - Student Travel fares
The Phil Hendrie Show
Answer Center - Insurance quotes
Bloom, Inc.
The Family Tree for Mathematics
Strecthing for Health
Time Inc. Picture Collection
Sound of the Week Main Page
Per Diem Rates
The New Venue
The National Forum on People's Differences Home Page
PLANTanswers Index
Consumer Reports: Auto Insurance Price Service
Edmund's Automobile Buyer's Guides info on repairing Maintaining your car
Home Doctor | Remodeling & Repair Tips
WeatherPost -- Madison, Wisconsin
Amazon search
MapQuest! Interactive Atlas
Consumer World
ISTHMUS: The Daily Page
Kelley Blue Book Used Car Bluebook Values and New Car Pricing
Fodor's travel info
Dollar Hack - Symbolism on a dollar bill

Films and Movies

Fandango for College Station's review summary
Movie ratings for kids -- with kids in mind
Rotten Tomatoes movie reviews
Grading the movies
Roger Ebert on Movies
The Open Video Project
The Internet Movie Database Movies: Family-friendly reviews of new movies
NYTimes Current Movie Reviews
National Film Preservation Board of the Library of Congress, Home Page
Greatest Films


All-Music Guide streaming music - free shows and songs
NPR's All Songs Considered, a great musical menagerie
Essentials of Music
KCRW and Morning Becomes Eclectic Real Audio
The Annotated Grateful Dead Lyrics, by David Dodd
The Blue Highway - Internet Only Shows
KAMU FM 90.9 Public Radio
Jazz Central Station: WBGO

Weather Data

National Climatic Data Center

Family & Friend's pages

Costa Rican Specialties
Andy Woodward's Art
Jessica Woodward's Furniture
Gedas Mitkus'

Financial Stuff

Fidelity ORP
First National Bank of Bryan ID     Log-in
Aetna investments
CapitalOne 360 (formerly INGDirect)
Chase online
Bank of America Trader's Network
Yahoo! Finance - Mutual funds - A bunch of Calculators
Map of the Market
Another great Conversion calculator
The Universal Currency Converter(tm) exchange rates

Unfiled links

The Hunger Site Home - Donate Food for Free to Give to Feed Hungry People in the World
National Water Quality Inventory: 1998 Report to Congress Comparison Shop for Almost Anything
Audio, Stereo Equipment Reviews and Classifieds - Everything Hi-Fi Online - Audio Reviews Car Electronics Home Theater Video DVD MP3 HDTV
NSF's Course, Curriculum, and Laboratory Improvement (CCLI
Call audit -- internet voice mail