Ariun Ishdorj


Associate Professor

Intercollegiate Faculty of Agribusiness

Department of Agricultural Economics

Texas A&M University

345 AGLS Building

College Station, TX 77843-2124


Phone: (979)-845-6322



PhD, Economics, Iowa State University, 2008

MS, Mathematics, University of Idaho, 2001

BS, Mathematics, National University of Mongolia, 1996


Curriculum Vitae


Research Interests:

Health Economics, Applied Econometrics, Food and Nutrition, Consumer and Demand Analysis.


AGEC 105: Introduction to Agricultural Economics

AGEC 635: Consumer Demand Analysis

AGEC 676: Frontiers in Markets and Information

AGEC 621: Econometrics for Agribusiness

AGEC 489: Study Abroad


About Dr. Ishdorj:

Dr. Ariun Ishdorj is an Associate Professor in the Department of Agricultural Economics at Texas A&M University. Her current areas of research include demand analysis, food consumption and issues related to well-being and nutrition-related health outcomes of individuals participating in food assistance programs. Her selected publications include:


Jang J., A. Ishdorj, D. Anderson, T. Purevjav, and G. Dahlke. 2017. Exploring the Existence of Grader Bias in Beef Grading. forthcoming Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics.

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Ishdorj, A., and O. Capps, Jr. 2017. The Impact of Policy Changes on Milk and Beverage Consumption of Texas WIC Children. Forthcoming Agricultural and Resource Economics Review

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