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Overview Sites on Tradeable Permits
  • Tom Tietenberg's bibliography on Tradable Permits
  • The Ecosystem Marketplace
  • Environmental Finance - a magazine covering the impact of environmental issues on the financial sector.
  • The Enviromental Trading Network - A national clearinghouse for the market-based strategies for achieving healthy ecosystems
  • Enviornmental Markets Association
  • The Environmental Resources Trust
  • The World Bank's "New Ideas in Pollution Regulation"
  • Water Pollution
    USEPA: Trading in Watersheds
    EPA's Water Quality Trading Handbook
    TMDL Case Studies - a number of these have been involved in Effluent Trading
    Water Quality Trading from the USDA's The Water Quality Information Center
    Data and Modeling for Environmental Credit Trading Bibliography from the USDA's The Water Quality Information Center


    Water Pollution: U.S. Programs
    Survey of Water Quality Trading Programs (Breetz et al., 2004)

    State Program
    California Grassland Area Farmers Tradable Loads Program
    Colorado Pollutant Trading Policy
    Chatfield Reservoir
    Cherry Creek
    Lake Dillon Reservoir
    Connecticut Connecticut Nitrogen Credit Exchange Program
    Delaware Pollution Control Strategy for the Inland Bays Watershed
    Florida Water Quality Trading Rules
    Idaho Pollutant Trading Guidance
    Lower Boise River Effluent Trading Demonstration Project
    Massachusetts Protecting Coastal Waters through Watershed-Wide Permitting and Nutrient Trading in Three Massachusetts Estuaries
    Michigan Water Quality Trading Rules
    Kalamazoo River Water Quality Trading Demonstration Project
    Minnesota Minnesota River
    Rahr Malting Co
    Vermillion River
    Nevada The state's (very limited) page on pollution trading
    Targeted Watersheds Grants Program-- Lake Tahoe(PDF)
    New Jersey NJ Chemical Industry's Effluent Trading Project
    Passaic Valley Sewerage Commissioners Pretreatment Trading Program(PDF)
    Targeted Watersheds Grants Program-- Passaic River(PDF)
    New York New York City's Watershed Agricultural Council not exactly trading, but close
    North Carolina The Tar-Pamlico Nutrient Trading Program & additional information
    Neuse River Compliance Association
    Ohio Water Quality Trading Rules
    Great Miami River Watershed Water Quality Credit Trading program
    Oregon Final Internal Management Directive of Water Quality Trading
    Clean Water Services
    Willamette Partnership
    City of Portland Stormwater Management Project

    PA Nutrient Trading (Department of Environmental Protection)
    Chesapeake Bay Program
    Conestoga River Watershed
    Red Barn Trading Company: an aggregator of credits for sale in the Pennsylvania WQ Trading program

    Utah/ Idaho
    / Wyoming
    Bear River
    Vermont 2006 Rule for Stormwater Impaired Waters
    Virginia Virginia Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Permit Program
    West Virginia Water Quality Trading Framework
    Wisconsin Dept. of Nat. Resources: Watershed Based Pollutant Trading

    Non-U.S. Programs

  • WatershedMarkets.org International Case Studies
  • Autralian Experiences with Water Quality Trading written by Drew Collins (PDF) Australia
  • The Hunter River Salinity Trading, New South Wales, Australia
  • South Creek Bubble Licensing Scheme, New South Wales, Australia
  • Tradable Discharge Permits in the Upper Nanpan River, China

  • Other
  • Landfill Allowance Trading Scheme
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